October 23, 2009

A Moderate Roll


I bought pants in a store from the regular men's section.

My paycheck was $300.00 more than what I got at my last job.

Scored decently, not great, but I think okay, on my GRE today (640 verbal, 620 quantitative with writing score pending).

Made some good book purchases, including finding Bonnie Jo Campbell's American Salvage, which sounds tailor-made for my tastes.

Ate some good vegetarian gumbo, which I chose instead of raw oysters, so I think that counts as a win.

Didn't have to buy gas for two weeks.

For my birthday, I got some new socks, new books and a lunch at a cart called LMNO Pies that was phenomenal.

The Angels forced a Game 6.

I saw a Zombie Walk / Protest March today. Their chant went like this, "What do we want?" "BRAINS!!" "When do we want it?" "BRAINS!!"

Life, it seems, is good.

viva these last few days.

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