November 22, 2009

Big Month


This past month has been the first full month at the new job, so getting used to that schedule and the long bus commute took a while. I've stopped being a strict vegetarian and have gone to taking turkey sandwiches for lunch. And, my right knee has turned into a bigger problem than before, aching regularly. My left knee starting hurting yesterday with a sharp stabbing sort of pain and today I couldn't work out because my left hip is killing me.

Those are my excuses as to why I didn't lose any weight this month. In fact, if my scale is correct (it's been fluctuating a lot lately), I gained 2 pounds. Now, I didn't go hog wild on food this month. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, actually, and I gained two fucking pounds. How? I don't know. I sort of expected it though because I haven't been a diligent with working out as I should be what with all the reasons I listed above. Well, it's not the turkey sandwiches fault I gained the weight. I don't think. You think? Turkey sandwiches? Naw. Not that.

It doesn't feel like I've gained two pounds either. Actually, I bought a pair of 38 X 34 Levi's today from Kohl's and they fit much better than the 38 X 34 Old Navy pants I bought last month some time. Is this two pounds of muscle? Maybe. Not likely. Well. Maybe a little. I notice my legs are getting a bit more cut around the upper thigh area.

By cut I mean there's a suggestion of muscle where there wasn't one before. And my arms, particularly my forearms, are like that too. Swear to god the other day, after I worked out, there was this vein popping out sort of in my forearm area. It was gross...and awesome. And by popping out I mean there was a suggestion of vein where there hadn't been before.

And I have been able to do some things I never done before. For example, I ran 3 miles not that long ago and loved it. I want to run more, but I'm afraid of walking around my apartment complex to get to a treadmill when it's dark so I can't really get there during the week. Sure, I could drive, but then I would stink up my car with sweaty clothes since my complex's shower facilities in the gym are substantially lacking. Also, if I want to run on the weekend, I have to get there buttcrack early to beat everyone else since the gym his a-hopping starting around 8:30, 9:00.

Alas, here's another month and another try at 5 pounds. However, I will end this year under 240 pounds, dammit. I want to have lost 40 pounds by the end of year. I hope my knees hold out. But, no bitching. No excuses. Let's do it.

You know, the one good thing about not hitting my weight loss goal this year is that I totally have one New Year's resolution already planned out for me.

viva el mustache