August 31, 2008

Another Book Find?


Anyway, I think I maybe, might have, found another neat book. It was at The Frugal Muse they are having a 25% off sale on everything used in the store, which is pretty much everything, including DVDs & CDs.

Anyhoot, I found what appears to be a first edition, first printing of Michael Cunningham's Specimen Days. I haven't read it, but I know Surdo is a huge fan, and Cunningham knows how to write a book, so I figured what the hell. And, to top it off, it might be signed. There is a signature, and it looks like it could be Michael Cunningham, and there's no date or inscrpition, so I have my doubts that it's legit, but, you know, it's regular price was five bucks, and with the sale, I only paid three dollars and some change on it, and I know for sure it's first edition, first printing, so not too bad of a get for 3 dollars I think.

Oh, and Bad Music Sunday is pending. Not enough time to do it today.

viva el mustache

1 comment:

Ande said...

I highly recommend the book. Great read.