September 1, 2008

Bad Music Monday nee Sunday

Okay, I'm a day late with this one. So, to make up, here's an extended Bad Music Sunday, with a few non-bad stuff at the very bottom. It's my version of a chocolate heart to say I'm sorry for neglecting you yesterday. I'm sorry. Let's never fight again. Now, on with the show:

Limahl - The Never Ending Story
Yeah, the movie is fantastic. The Nothing is still a legitimately freaky bad guy, and the Rock Munchers is cool, and that superfast snail thing. And the Princess in this movie is the first girl I ever had a crush on in my young, young life. But, leave it to Jonathan Brandis, Mr. SeaQuest, to shit the bed and make a bad sequel to the genius of the original...and we won't even mention the unwatchable third one (and I think there was a fourth one, too). But this song is so, so bad. I can't embed the music video version of this, but click here to watch the video (it's worth it). Here's a version that I can embed:

Kid Rock - Bawitdaba

Limp Bizkit - Rollin
I like to think of this a frat boy square dancing song since Fred Durst is shouting out dance moves to do while, you know, dursting.

Seal - Kiss from a Rose

TLC - No Scrubs

Salt N Pepa - Shoop
Me and my friend Todd Brady took all the signature moves of Hulk Hogan and created a dance to go along with this song. It involved a lot of clapping, pointing, and "hulking up."

A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV
Ever wonder why this band was a one hit wonder? Behold!

Baltimora - Tarzan Boy

Def Leppard - Rocket

Ozzy Ozbourne - Dreamer

Class of 99 - Another Brick In the Wall Part 2
This is pretty much Alice in Chains & Rage Against the Machine doing their best alternative supergroup a la Temple of the Dog (Pearl Jam & Soundgarden). Except, unlike Temple of the Dog, Class of 99 embarassed their instruments with this cover song.

Jewel - Sweet Home Alabama
Alaska, first you give us Jewel and this cover song. And now Sarah Palin. Thanks, assholes.

Bonus, Non-Bad Music Treat Videos:

Alanis Morissette - My Humps
I enjoy this. You will, too.

Nirvana - The Complete, Uncut Unplugged Concert

viva el mustache

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DeWolf said...

That A-Ha video, the part when the station logo appears on the TV that's turning into view--don't the words "Channel 3" look like a cock and balls?