September 2, 2008

Emily's First Day of School

Today is Emily's first day of classes at UW, going back to school after three years off. I am one proud and happy husband right now. Good luck, Mo! I love ya!!

viva la emily!


Big Perm said...

Good Luck, Emily!

How'd it go? Was it fun and busy and thought provoking? Are you L-O-V-E in love with school?

I'm thinking about how lucky you are to have classes on one of the prettiest campuses I have ever seen.

Emily said...

Thank you Big Perm! The day went well, my Tuesday class will be interesting. It is a pretty campus, but they're working on it EVERYWHERE! The library vibrates on a regular basis (not in a god way) because they're working right outside.

Jorge said...

How come Emily wasn't using an ISYFTW tote? Hmm?

Emily said...

Don't worry, the tote was used yesterday. Carried lunch and supper in it since I have the most dense book in the world for a class titled "The Organization of Information."

Big Perm said...

I'm glad that's your book and not mine.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you again, even if it is not in person. Best of luck to you. I know you will nail the whole thing down in short order.

P.S. Love the T-shirt!

The Drewid