August 10, 2008

Bad Music Sunday


Okay, my neck seems to be healed (it felt like the muscles around my spine were inflamed more than kinked, so I'm glad this has passed), so the only thing keeping me from regular blogging is my daily routine. Working second shift makes it hard to squeeze everything a body needs to do in a day before I have to go sit in front of a computer screen for 8 hours, relaying phone calls. Truly. It's hard to get up, work out, shower, do some writing, and do some blogging in all the hours before 12:40 when I need to leave for work....and its impossible if I want to do anything else in the day before work, like buy shirts. And when I get home, after eight hours of typing mostly inane conversations, it's hard to want to sit down in front of another computer for another couple hours. So, this sort of explains why I still haven't managed to write that ISYFTW review that I've been promising for what, a week now? But, tomorrow, I really think it could happen tomorrow. As for now, it's Bad Music Sunday....

Armored Saint - Can U Deliver
I never heard of this band before I read Chuck Klosterman's Fargo Rock City (which was a little of a disappointment to be honest because it wasn't really a memoir, it wasn't that much of a cultural exploration, but it was a guy writing about how awesome Motley Crue was...which makes it a good enough book to read while on the shitter, but it's not going to make me rethink the cultural importance of shitty glam metal). And when Chuck mentioned this band, I knew it was going to be awful. And my gut instinct didn't disappoint. The song doesn't really get rolling until about a minute into the video, but it's an interesting Mad Max/He-Man Master of the Universe (the Dolph Lungren movie) hybrid 80s rock video. Enjoy!

Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
What? How dare I put Iron Maiden on this! What am I thinking? I'll tell you what...this is awful. Swear to god, if this song is played by the guys from Spinal Tap, you'd think this was hilarious (though maybe Christopher Guest can't quite shred the guitar with such metal-osity as this guy in Iron Maiden). But, seriously, this song stings to 11. Sorry.

Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl
First off, this lady owes Jill Sobule some kind of tribute (if you don't know what I'm talking about Sobule recorded a song called I Kissed a Girl in the 90s). Second, have you noticed that most new female singers sound vaguely the same anymore? I'm serious. Doesn't Perry's voice just sound really generic and over-produced (even has that bullshit robot voice effect that's in every goddamn dance pop song anymore)? It's like how pop-punk, modern-rock bands might as well be the same damn group because they are so thoroughly unremarkable or distinguishable from each other. Plus, I'm anti this song because it promotes what I like to think as dorm-room bisexuality, which is just an extension of the mainstreaming of porn where this kind of thing is the norm, therefore foisted upon young girls to view this kind of behavior as expected. If a girl wants to be bisexual, cool, go for it, eat from the whole damn sexual buffet, but this kind of thing should never be expected of girls of a certain age to lure their dopey boyfriends into liking them. That's not to say that this isn't totally hot, but girls should never feel obligated to make out with their mega-hot friends at a dance club because they see it on TV all the time.

Catherine Wheel - Waydown
Back when MTV had 120 Minutes hosted by Matt Pinfield and other people like him, I used to watch it all the time. It was my way of staying up on music trends. But there were a handful of videos I could never, ever make it all the way through. This video by Catherine Wheel is one of them. I could never get passed that one shot early in the video that's a closeup of the guys head...the fact that this video is about a plane crash really has nothign to do with it...just the look on that guys face. Plus, I think this song is unenjoyable.

Disturbed - Land of Confusion
Crap modern metal covering Genesis? Goodness.

Alan Parson's Project - Don't Answer Me

John Tesh - Breathe (Live at Red Rocks)

Chicago - If You Leave Me Now

viva el mustache


DeWolf said...

I fucking hate Peter Cetera.

Diana said...

I've been eagerly awaiting this review. Way to be all NY Times busy and important.

Jorge said...

Holy crap. I was just talking about how I hated that Katy Perry song yesterday. Then I found out she's the daughter of the lead singer from Journey. I was momentarily taken aback. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe, somehow, this is a good song sent to us through the holy blood line of Journey. Then I realized, no, it still sucks and I hate it.

DeWolf said...

Jorge, I gave you false information. I came across a website for a writer named Katy Perry who alleged that the singer was Steve Perry's daughter. Bored and not wanting to finish my homework at a reasonable hour, I looked up Ms. Perry's bio today and found that she is not related to the former Journey front man. She was raised by Chris'ens and even released a Christian album in 2001. Sorry to misinform you.

GMACD1 said...

The waydown song by Cathrinewheel was a disappointment. I agree the other bands are horrible especially disturbed covering phil collins ?