August 5, 2008



Addendum...okay so the Packers traded Favre (which I think is Ojibwe for "The Only Thing People From Wisconsin Give a Shit About") to the Jets. Whoopeedeedoo. But, get this, for the press conference about the deal...the local NBC station here broke into national news to show that press conference. Yes, they cut straight into national news to show a press conference abotu a quarterback going someplace else to throw a ball...what the hell? Oh, and sorry for the lack of new content neck has been killing me so it makes typing a little difficult...

When I told Luke that I was moving to Wisconsin, he told me all that if I ever wanted to start a conversation with anyone, all I had to say was "So, Brett Favre, huh?" And then I'd be locked into a two-hour speech about the glories of that quarterback.

This year has had all that back and forth about Favre coming back, it even got to the point where the Packers offered him something like 25 million dollars to not play for them this year, but, he came back anyway (let it be said that I don't know if there is anything I like enough where 25 million dollars isn't enough to convince me to quit doing it).

So, when he arrived in Green Bay in his chartered plane from Mississippi, the media had a helicopter following his car as it drove to his house. It was like that OJ chase, except it was Bret Favre driving home. And they showed him drive all the way into his garage. I didn't get to see that live, but I did catch a few minutes of it when they replayed the footage during the Packers intersquad scrimmage they showed on TV.

That's right. They showed a practice game where the Packers battled themselves on the grid iron. What's even crazier...they were playing to a full stadium. There wasn't an empty seat in the Lambeau Field for this practice game...where the third string offense plays the third string defense of the same team...and the coaches stay on the field during score is kept because it isn't a real game...and the quarterbacks wear red jerseys so they aren't tackled and hurt. Lambeau Field holds over 70,000 people. So, 70,000 people showed up to watch a practice game (that was delayed over half an hour because of lightning storms) and they played it on TV. To what I'm sure was a huge audience. I even checked in a couple times on this scrimmage because I just couldn't believe they were showing that on TV. I love the Cardinals fiercely, but if they televised team practices...I don't think I'm watching that.

I thought I knew devotion. Turns out I was wrong.

viva el mustache

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