August 24, 2008

Bad Music Sunday


Okay, I wasn't feeling terribly musically inclined this morning so I had a hard time thinking of songs for Bad Music Sunday today. I mean, Disco Duck? Seriously? I finally had to go there?

So, let's do this. How about Bad Music Sunday requests? You got a song or a group of songs you despise for whatever erason, and want it dedicated on BMS, drop me a comment, I'll try to make it happen. Without further ado...

Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots - Disco Duck

Buckner & Garcia - Pac Man Fever

Earth, Wind and Fire - Boogie Wonderland
I know EWF is beloved, but long, boogie jams, or whatever the hell, just bore the hell out of me. Maybe it his song was, 3 minutes shorter, then it wouldn't be as bad. Jamming in general isn't something I find enjoyable...a lot of jazz, Grateful Dead/Phish/DMB, extended guitar solos (like Steve Vai & Joe Satriani)...even when I was going through my DMB phase, there was a prevailing sense of "get on with it already" when listening to some of the songs.

Velvet Revolver - Ain't Talkin Bout Love / Runaround
You know, you'd think Velvet Revolver would have stuck to being a GnR/STP cover band. Probably would have been real successful doing that for a long time...made a lot of money touring state fairs and block partys around the country. But, they had to go make original material, and cover other bands, too.

Depeche Mode - Barrel of a Gun

Henry Rollins - Liar
Oh, I know Henry Rollins is a genius. Doesn't he have a book of poems published, like Billy Corgan and Jewel? And, he was Black Flag or something like that too, right? Sure, sure. Oh, and that TV and radio show. Even got that spoken word records, too. Acted in movies, too (see trailer below). Yeah, he's multi-talented, ain't he? Sure, sure. He also made this song...painted himself all red for the video, too.

viva el mustache

Bonus Movie Trailer: The Chase (feat. Henry Rollins)


Emily said...

Bah!! I must have heard that Depeche Mode song at some time, but blocked it from my memory. They probably made it after one of David Gahn's breakdowns (it's so hard to be hot and a good singer).

Jorge said...

Wow, Velvet Revolver needs to go die somewhere for what they did to Aint Talkin Bout Love. Bosstones did a MUCH better cover. Dicky's voice is perfect for it. Here's a video from, that was so long ago. I was 7. Jeezus.

It's on the Metaliska compilation. You should check it out if you like ska bands covering metal songs.

DeWolf said...

I like Velvet Revolver, but that was painful.