August 25, 2008

Submitted For Partial Fulfillment of Photo Scavenger Hunt


I am not calling the scavenger hunt a failure, but we did not get many of the photos you suggested. Like the Favre jersey + Cubs hat picture...both are really hard items to find in Madison for some reason... Part of the reason we came up short is that we did not go to a single bar while he was here, and in fact, the only bar I have been in is this place called Monkeyshines, which we promptly left because it was too loud, there was no tables, and it was pretty damn smoky. So, I have yet to locate a Blue Bricks around here, or another place to serve as my draft-beer base. Anyways, here's some photos...

1. Bryan & Bronson enjoying a Spotted Cow (...and damn, I still look tubby...jesus)

2. Bryan wearing cheese wedge hat

3. Bryan eating a big cheese curd
4. Bronson feeding cheese curds to a bird (yes, it's not a pigeon but we couldn't find any pigeons in for this photo...turns out ducks don't like cheese, but seagulls (not pictured) have problem with it)
5. Emily with Star Trek characters Spock & Capt. James Tiberius Kirk, and half the face of the guy who will be playing Sulu in the new movie version coming out soon.

I still have the lists everyone submitted, so hopefully I'll be able to fulfill a few more after a while.

viva el mustache


Jessica said...

Bronson looks skinny. He needs to eat some reeses or something. It scares me.

Bryan said...

No, he's regular Bronson's an optical illusion from sitting next to me.