August 17, 2008

Best American 2008


The Best American Short 2008, stories selected by Salman Rushdie, will be out in October, but you can know what stories are on there by clicking here.

Notables? Karen Russell is in this one, too. She's really getting some heat (and, by the way, she'd totally be on my Lovely Ladies of Literature calendar) and I hope to find her book for sale in one of these marvelous bookstores of Madison.

Also, The King of Sentences by Jonathan Lethem is in there, too. But, really, with that title, and it being in the New Yorker...of course that was going to be in Best American.

Others in there include the usual suspects of these collections: Wolf, Boyle, Brockmeier, Saunders, Munro. Naturally, there's a couple "ethnic" writers thrown in there for diversity's sake. And finally some names I don't recognize.

Click that link up there in the first paragraph for the full list.

viva el mustache the literary collector goal is to own every Best American published, even those rare ones back when Frank O'Connor was running the show.


Ande said...

Karen Russell rocks my socks off. I love that story.

The George Saunders story is pretty fricking fabulous, too. The Mighty Flynn directed my attention to it back in the spring, and I'm forever indebted to him for it. It's sad as hell, though.

The Mighty Flynn said...

I used that Saunders story in my ENG 101 class both semesters last year as an exercise in close reading and analysis. It's a fun story to dissect it with 18-year-olds who have never read contemporary short stories. I had one student write, "The ending confused me. I don't know what it means. I probably could have figured it out if I had read it a few more times."

Nathan Melcher said...

Kevin Brockmeier is one of my favorite writers. Nice!