August 11, 2008

Found Literature


Guard your phones tonight. Turn them to silent or something because Emily and I decided tonight we are getting loaded and watching the Olympics. We got a pitcher of beer-garita's (Catherine's recipe) cooling in the fridge, and the better part of a twelve pack of Budweiser to get thru (we already downed a sixer of New Glarus' Edel-Pils, which tastes like the best Budweiser you've ever had...and I had a bonus 24oz-er of Red Stripe).

As for the title of this post...for a long time, I've always liked picking up scraps of paper off the ground to see what is written on them. Once in Carbondale I found a section of a prose poem, or maybe it was just a very bad story, and once in Mankato I found someone's notes for some kind of aerobics class, but mostly I've picked up grocery lists or To-Do lists that I toss. But today, in the parking garage under the Grainger Building (which houses the school of business), I found a note written on paper the color of a moleskin notebook, but not as thick. The note read:

Please give me 10 minutes so that my baby can get what she needs - thanks.

Now, considering where I found this note, under what circumstances do you think this note was written? I have my guesses, but what do you think?

viva el mustache

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DeWolf said...

A mute parent informing a robber that s/he is willing to comply with the robber's demands so long as s/he can tend to his/her baby's urgent medical condition first.