August 13, 2008

Photo Hunt


Isn't that Magic Touch game awesome? You know the one referenced in the title. It's the one where you got to find all the differences between two pictures, and it's lots of drunken fun, especially because the photos can be naked ladies if you want it. Man, good times...especially if you got a high score and got to put funny names in the machine, names like "Balls" or "Scooter."

Anyway, any good idea is worth stealing, right, so I'm taking this from Natalie's blog (and she took it from her cousin, so all's fair in blogging and theft)...

I'd like you all, the faithful BOMM readers, to send me on a photo scavenger hunt of Madison. What would you like to see pictures of from this town, then it is my duty to fulfill said photos (please no hobo photos). Sounds like a good time, yes? Maybe? Maybe you want to see Bryan buying a zucchini from the massive farmer's market in town, or maybe one with Lorrie Moore, I don't know, be creative.

I need your suggestions for photo assignments by Sunday evening. Bronson will be in town then, and he can help collect some of these pictures on the Monday & Tuesday we spend bopping around Madison (and maybe some of your photo requests can involve Bronson, like a picture of Bronson holding a pair of panties that says "Wisconsin" on them...and he is pro-hobo from what I understand, so this could be a lot of fun). Just leave your suggestions in the comments and that'll be that.


viva el mustache


Jorge said...

I want a picture of Bryan in a Cubs hat. And a Packers shirt. A Packers shirt that is made to look like a Favre jersey. And in public. No hobos necessary, but if there happens to be one in the background, that'd be OK.

Bronson said...
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Ande said...

I want you to get a picture of a woman with a mullet.

Bonus points if she's wearing a Favre jersey.

Double bonus points if she's burning a Favre jersey.

Luke said...

I want a picture of Bronson trying to feed a cheese curd to a bird (preferably a pigeon).

Jessica said...

I want a picture of

-Bronson giving a stranger a piggy-back ride. You too Bryan.

-a hitchhiker.

-someone in a wedding dress.

-a pug.

Have fun!

Bronson said...

I would like a picture of Bronson and Bryan drinking Spotted Cow.

And one with Bryan wearing a spongy cheese-head!

The Mighty Flynn said...

I would like a photo of a bartender at a tavern (not restaurant, bar, or club) taken while he/she answers the following question: "What's the stupidest request you've ever gotten?"


a photo of signage with incorrect spelling or grammar.


a photo of the breakfast meat of your choice.