August 15, 2008

A Missed Sound


Let me first say that I'm disappointed in myself for not being a better e-mailer. I promise I will send some out soon. Probably not tomorrow, but real, real soon, I promise.

And, this evening, I was sitting at home, and I heard a noise I had an experience I hadn't had in years. I was at home and heard a commercial airplane fly over. For a boy who grew up outside St. Louis with its international airport, air traffic noise was normal. It got to the point where I didn't even hear it anymore, it just folded into the other ambient noise from the steel mill, trains and everything else.

But, I don't remember ever hearing a plane fly overhead when living in Mankato. And I don't think I heard any in Carbondale either. So, it's been about four years since I had to say, "Fucking plane" then turn up the television so I could hear it. Man, good times. Who said you can't go home again?

viva el mustache

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Jorge said...

The only plans I heard in Carbondale were the small prop planes from the School of Aviation. I don't think I've heard any here. Yet.