September 11, 2008

About That Job...


Remember that job where I had a quality interview along with high hopes for a job that got me out of jockeying a headset for 40 hours a week? Yeah, didn't get it. I will not be training new employees for a Wisconsin area bank. Got a rejection letter today.

I found a couple things interesting about this letter. First, it just now dawned on me how spineless the idea of rejection letters are. With trying to publish stories, fine, rejection letters are the norm, but for jobs, especially after you have interviewed with the people, what's wrong with a call? Just call me up, tell me right to my ear that I didnt' get the job. Yeah, I won't like it, no one likes to hear that kind of thing, but it would show just a little moxie on the part of the employer, and a little respect to me, the rejected potential employee. And, also, I wonder if the rejection letter is even necessary. Once you applied to enough jobs, you know that letter in the mail is 99% of the time shitty news. You got good news from the company trying to hire you, chances are you get a phone call, I think.

The other interesting note was the money sentence of the rejection letter. Here's where they author dropped the bomb:

Selecting among the candidates was not easy; however, a hiring decision has been made in favor of another candidate.

Could they try any harder to soften the blow? My god, calling it a "hiring decision" that's, well that's just limp. And just because you put a semi colon in there doesn't mean you get to use the same word in the sentence twice. Also, isn't that the wrong use of the word among? Shouldn't it be from in that sitation because the candidates weren't doing the selecting, no selecting was done among us, but rather someone from outside was picking from the pool of potential people.

Anyway, whatever, no point souring over these grapes. There's plenty more jobs out there to get rejected from tomorrow.

viva el mustache

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