September 9, 2008

Another Reason Why Madison Is Better Than Where You Live


How's about random, unannounced Charlie Parr concert, for free outside the UW Library? He was with a band he played with in Mankato last night called the Black Twig Pickers.

Charlie just showed up with his National Steel and banjo. The Black Twig Pickers had a guy on fiddle, another guy on the acoustic guitar and occasionally harmonica, and a percussion player who played the washboard and this fingerboard doodads that I don't know their official name.

I didn't get to catch much, but I did get to hear him play Jubilee. Damn fine surprise. Behold, photographic evidence! (the fella with the long hair in the way in the second picture is the percussion player for the Black Twig Pickers)
viva el mustache

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Dave said...

Charlie is one of the best reasons to simply be alive today. I catch him when ever I can and record liberally. I just posted to the Sept 7th set he and the Twig Pickers performed in St. Paul at the Turf Club.

Charlie plays that venue just about every first Sunday of the month unless he's on an extended tour, so keep your eyes on his web sites and drop in if you're in the area. The man is a driving machine so he may come closer to you than you think.

As for the Twig Pickers, I really enjoyed hearing some tunes that I'd never heard of... ever. I think these young men are succeeding in keeping their regional music alive and I for one appreciate that.