September 15, 2008

Bad Music (Near) Sunday


Sitting around, waiting for calls at my well-paying job, my mind wanders around quite a bit. Usually it drifts to these violent Croenberg/Peckinpah revenge fantasies involving ne'er do wells attempting to harm my potential family (growing up on the movies of Charles Bronson will do that to a mind). Then to morbid ideas of how that I am probably literally close to middle age, based on my health and family history, and how I really should move back to St. Louis when I finally get around to having a family so my parents have a chance to be doting grandparents, and also to help take care of them because these old ladies who I take calls from all day long will just break your heart with their sweetness and excitement to even just see the typing from their kids.

Sometimes, it drifts to recapping conversations had earlier in the day, like when where is the line of demarcation between date and not-date when out with someone (my answer: the intention of kissing them...don't think you'll be kissing them equals not date and an outing with company). And other times still, I get to focus on the book I'm reading (right now it's Marilynne Robinson's Gilead...which is a fine book, but weaker than her first novel, Housekeeping, especially when the book loses narrative steam, which was pretty fractured to begin with since it is, more or less, a diary of an old man to his young son so it wanders, to get into these long diversions about ideas on Christianity, which while important to the book, really deflated my zeal for consuming it because it was distracting. I kept thinking, "I know he's an old man and prone to rambling, but get back to the show, chief. If this is for your young son, all this will go straight over his head.").

Then, there's the random shit. Like, all day yesterday, I couldn't get the below song out of my head. For eight hours, straight, while jockeying my headset I just had the chorus (hook?) to this song bouncing around my head. So, I present to you now, the one song that haunted me yesterday for Bad Music Sunday, if I can call it that anymore....

Ludacris - Stand Up

viva el mustache

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