September 12, 2008

I'm Somebody Now!


Remember that scene in The Jerk when the new phone books arrive? And Steve Martin starts yelling "I'm in print! I'm somebody now!" Kind of had one of those moments today.

My bound thesis arrived today. Behold photographic evidence!

Also arriving in the mail, another rejection letter for a job. Oh, the yin. Oh, the yang. Speaking of's a little treat I slipped onto the end of acknowledgments page for Jenny Yang Cropp:

I love Jenny, truly. It's an inside joke about how I wanted as many people as possible to write, "And Bryan Johnson, fuck you" in their thesis somewhere to cause a little confusion when future MFAers check out the theses and see all these "Fuck You Bryan Johnson"s in their pages and wonder, "Who is the dastardly Bryan Johnson." Why? I kinda always wanted to be thought of as dastardly. Oh, Jenny apparently is working on a Fuck You Bryan Johnson acrostic. Oh, good times. If only I had Diana ask Richard Ford to sign my Rock Springs copy, "Bryan Johnson, fuck you - Richard Ford." Missed opportunity, my friends.

viva el mustache


Emily said...

I am so damn proud. Could not be more proud.

Steve G said...

Where do I buy my copy of Appleknockers?

Big Perm said...

You're in print! You're somebody now!

Oh, I will make sure to leave you a little "fuck you" in my thesis. Promise.

I was the sweet little thing who asked Mr. Ford to sign you a book. And he did. And I should have known--should have had that inkling, that deep down Mr. Bwyan feeling--that you'd have wanted a good "fuck you" from the Ford. But I wasn't on my A-game that day.

Darren said...

Good show, sir. Now go fuck yourself.

Hey! In other happy news, David Foster Wallace killed himself.

Jessica said...

I wish I had a cool title like yours. It's catchy. It should be on t-shirts.