November 23, 2008

Bad Music Sunday


I would devote a whole Sunday to the relative power of NKOTB, but I'm afraid I'd lose a faithful visitor from Boston (Hiya, Mitch!) so, you know, today, just an NKOTB sandwich. Flavor of sandwich...well, guess:

New Kids on the Block - This One's for the Children
Sethie, I think you need to cover this one...

Simply Red - If You Don't Know Me By Now
I know this is a cover of an even older song, but I didn't hear this until I watched the original Office, and I thought it was a joke song. Turns out, nope. Real song.

Kim Wilde - You Keep Me Hanging On

Filter - One
Dude should have stopped with "Hey Man, Nice Shot," or, better yet, stuck with Nine Inch Nails...

Eddie Money - Shakin
Gotta love the "muh muh muh muh muh" Eddie gives to mimic the guitar. It's like watching G.E. Smith shred it up on SNL

.38 Special - Back Where You Belong
Oh, .38 Special, you scamps!

Wilson Phillips - Hold On

New Kids on the Block (w/Aresino Hall) - Funky, Funky Christmas (Live! on Aresnio Hall!)
Really, the first Christmas must have been kinda funky, all that Jesus baby goo combined with all that wet hay and barnyard, the wise men were traveling for quite a while, so they were probably rocking some biblical (oh!) body stink. So maybe this isn't so much as bad, as accurate in depicting the funky, funky roots of Christmas.

Bonus Greatness (or side dish?):

David Brent (with Officemates) - Freelove Freeway

viva el mustache


Anonymous said...

1. I'm glad this wasn't a NKOTB-'NSync-98 Degrees-BSB sandwich. Then I really would have stopped reading.

2. I'll give you "Funky Funky Christmas." Not their best. But it did make me want to listen to my recently acquired 'NSync Christmas album.

3. Seth should cover any--and, dare I suggest, all--of the NKOTB songs.

4. I hope you enjoyed listening to many songs on YouTube before you picked these two. :)

5. I can't post comments on the Daily Picture blog.

Anonymous said...

P.S., From Mitch.

Jorge said...

I want to see a master list of all the songs you've deemed bad.