November 22, 2008

Workin' It

here's my usual workout routine, which i try to do, at least, 5 times a week if I can

30 - 45 minutes on the exercise bike (resistance anywhere between 8 to 10)
30 to 50 push ups
60 to 80 sit ups
5 (or so) tricep curls (using 25 pound's really hard)
15 (or so) butterfly presses (also with 25lbs)
25 (or so) bicep curls (also with 25lbs)
some shoulder exercises with the 15 pound weights (don't know what they are called)
10 (or so) leg lifts (feet together, lay on back, lift legs straight up..sometimes it really hurts the lower back so I don't do many, or i get bored)
and then there's some wild card kind of exercises, too where i might actually be causing myself more harm than good...anyway here's me in action:

and here's the after results...usually (pants not show)

oh, and to explain the gloves...i was getting calluses on my palms from the 25 pound weights twisting in my hand while lifting them, so the gloves keep my hands safe...and it keeps my hands from sliding around when doing pushups


Hoops said...

I think it's interesting that several of the people I know, myself included, have built some serious workout routines in the last 3 years. Are we trying to look good, aging and afraid of it, trying to recapture the senior year physiques, or buying in to some kind of trend? I don't know, but I think it's interesting--and I'm impressed by your routine; it's much more in depth than mine these days.

Bryan said...

I've developed that routine because I was fat as hell. I'm still fat, but not "as hell" maybe "as purgatory."