January 22, 2009

Glee (Delayed)

my precious, it's back!
oh, glorious lost, and your confusing story-lines, and nuggets that will undoubtedly go sufficiently unexplained (like jacob, that television show that had billy dee williams, why the other people on the island aren't getting unstuck in time like the main characters are, the four-toed statue, the smoke monster, and why did the island disappear if all that's happening is the people are zipping around in time willy-nilly...) but i love it, i can't help it.
there are two distinct downsides to this, first is that bronson isn't in this country, shit on this continent, to talk about lost with, and also since i work on wednesday nights, i have to watch my precious on the computer the following morning:

the picture quality on abc.com is suberb, so it's not all bad, plus the commercial breaks are shorter, but it's not on the tv. whine!

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DeWolf said...

During the original broadcast, there were commercial breaks every five to six minutes. It was more annoying than watching a show that poses more questions than it answers. Lost is like crack.