February 12, 2009

AWP Memories: Atlanta & Milledgeville

i didn't take many photos of atlanta actual for this awp. i spent two disposable cameras worth of film primarily on the graveyard in milledgeville, snapping shots of funny names, CSA veterans, the grave of a guy who voted for Georgia's succession, but rather than show all there here today, on Lincoln's birthday no less, i'll put up this shot i took from my hotel room window of the atlanta skyline (the only atlanta picture i took). they did an allright job rebuilding after sherman did his work there...though they really should so something about the amount of hobo shit on the sidewalks.

and here's a non-grave, no georgia state university & college photo. it's of the velvet elvis, the restaurant/bar thing where phil raved about having a catfish sandwich with two fillets on it. later, he got the shits. though probably not from here but from all the moon pies and peach and grape soda he drank.

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