February 12, 2009

To Ush or Not to Ush


As you have have read in the comments for the most recent BMS, Diana asked me for a mix CD of sorts for the ISYFTW release shindig. I agreed, happily, though of course I'm making sure to put my shoulder into it, and make it worth listening to and maybe dancing to (actually it's going to be a helluva lot more than one mix CD, a night's worth of music, especially if it spills over to a house after the What's Up closes).

But, right now, I'm at an impasse. Should Usher's song Yeah! be included on this disc or not?

I know it's hard thing to determine without knowing the other tracks on the mix disc(s), but rest assured it could fit well enough. But, let me know what you think in the comments.

viva el mustache


GMACD said...

Usher "Yeah" is a song ? I wouldn't give it to a friend but instead give it to my worst enemy.

Diana said...

I sort of love it.