February 19, 2009

Blast From Past 5: Washington Avenue Summerfest

this was taken in 2003 at a free they might be giants concert on washington avenue in st. louis. it was this series of concerts they put on there called "summerfest" to help revitalize the area. they were even giving away free booze if i remember correctly, little martini shots. you probably recognize the mope in the backwards cap, white shirt and that goofy look on his face right at the camera. you should also recognize the screaming girl by that handsome man's side, back when she wore contacts instead of glasses.

the most interesting part of this was that i saw the photographer snap that shot, and i went on enjoying the show not even worrying about it. in the next week's riverfront times, the stl area alt-press, there was a full page ad using this picture to advertise the success of summerfest. so, right there huge in newsprint was my mug. my very first modeling gig. god, i hope that's not my 15 minutes, if that even counts.

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