February 20, 2009

Old Hat

i don't know how many ladies here can relate to this but right here, this picture, that's a damn fine hat. it's worn out, got some of those sweat marks on it (they're light so you can't see them in the photo), it's been rained on, snowed on, sat on, bent all kinds of ways. even the t is getting a little dingy, but it's at this perfect place where the bill is kinda soft, yet still holds it shape, and the crown part of the hat fits my head perfectly and comfortably. this might just be the perfect hat. oh i've had other perfect hats before and some hat-tastophe made me get rid of them, like they suddenly shrink or get too stained or wind up getting crushed in the tracks of a closet door. but not this one, no sir. this hat, this perfect hat, shall be protected.

1 comment:

Steve G said...

That's a fine looking hat.