February 5, 2009



If you had to choose between writing or your exercise regiment, what do you choose?

I ask this because if you have read the picture blog post, you know of my current financial situation, and I'm looking for part-time work. I'm already not a regular enough writer, which is a guilt I carry like 50 extra pounds. So if I get another job, working at, say, a gas station or other such place...that means 20 or so hours where I can't write. Also, that means I can't work out. And, believe me, not working out or going hard for this weight loss is a guilt equal to not writing for me. Weight loss is already a part time job for me, but without pay, of course (and, yes, they should bailout the fat, pay me to lose weight, oh mighty liberals of Washington, then I shall, happily).

So, I'm in a pickle. I know writing should be the answer, but I couldn't mentally handle ballooning in weight. Even little natural fluctuations up fuck with my self-esteem.

Guh. Anybody know a filthy rich aristocrat wanting to sponsor a lightly talented literary writer? Or, better still, maybe be a part of some rich Hollywood types entourage, like in Entourage. I can make eggs, like Johnny Drama. Or, you know, do whatever the hell it is that Turtle does. That'd be fine, too. Course I would need to get paid directly instead of just leeching off the spoils of my hotshot actor millionaire friend.

I say again, guh.

viva el mustache


Diana said...

This may sound crazy, but I'm going to vote for working out. I get squirrely when I don't exercise, and I feel better physically and emotionally when I do. Keep working out and write little snippets when you can. Make lists of ideas, images, dialogue, plots for stories. It still counts as writing and when time opens back up, you'll have stuff to use.

Big Perm said...

Adding to Diana's: keep a notebook with you and write down things throughout your day. Or write something in the last ten minutes of your day, right before bed.

I don't think I could give up writing or working out. Both help me in such emotional and psychological ways.

Here's another thought (and just ignore it if it's not at all helpful): other than working out and writing, are there other things you can cut out of your life? If it were me, I know I could cut out TV watching (if I never watched TV, I'd save at least 10 hours a week) and I bet I waste 5+ hours every week on the internet. Maybe take inventory of exactly how you spend your hours. There might be something taking up many of your weekly hours that you don't even realize.

I suppose I got that idea from watching Biggest Loser this week (ah, another 2 hours wasted). One of the contestants who works long hours said he used to think he didn't have the time to work out, then realized he watched TV 2-3 hours every day. Now he'll trade TV for workouts (and if you have a cardio machine, you can watch TV and work out).

Jorge said...

I've been pretty good lately about writing every day for an hour. But, honestly, even 20 minutes is great. There are always 20 minutes in a day to salvage.

Luke said...

I feel for you man. I would keep looking for a salary job if I were you... even if it's a job that has nothing to do with anything... I know the pickings are slim, the economy in the tank as it is, but there are positions out there that do not require a particular degree. Insurance adjustor? If that doesn't work, then I think you should do the exercise thing during the week, and just write more on the weekends. Or fuck it, go back to school. Word on the street is that people with phds in Comp and Rhetoric are getting shitloads of job interviews.