February 5, 2009

The Last Receipt

i got this picture because i thought it was funny that the phrase "faux heathen" was on there, plus add the verb shake, as a command, it's even more interesting i think.

turns out, this will probably be one of, if not the, last eating out receipt i get.

see, i ran into a bit of sticky thing with my job. i was being undercharged for health insurance since october. i was paying 35 dollars a check when, apparently, i should have been paying 174 dollars a check. completely ridiculous i know, and i'm not entirly sure i knew it was supposed to be 174 dollars when i signed up, but i can't prove that i was hoodwinked, so i have to assume my incompetence.

so, even though i have never used the insurance at all, i haven't even punched my insurance cards out from the mailer they were sent it, they want to recoup what they believe i have agreed to pay them. something in the neighborhood of 1,200 dollars. they will be garnishing my paycheck like i divorcee (which, i should add, if they are going to treat me like a divorcee i should at least get to nail a babysitter for cause) to the tune of 100 bucks a check. so it'll be 200 dollars a month less i'll have. and since i'm already been docked 80 dollars a month from my hours reduction, i'll be missing 280 dollars a month compared to what i was making. jesus christ.

so i spent the morning shopping for part-time work to supplement this loss of an already paltry income. i cancelled my ridiculously priced insurance. so, yeah, that's where i'm at today. i have other options, paying off the debt in one lump sum, and there's an outside chance that maybe my debt will be reduced since i never used the insurance (but i have no faith in the corporation having a heart). so, maybe things aren't dire, maybe. maybe. maybe.

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