March 1, 2009

Bad Music Sunday: For the Ladies


Here's to you, ladies:

John Lajoie - Show Me Your Genitals
Wait, wait, wait, this is an awkward white guy who doesn't rap well, and neither can he dance?! Oh! Gosh! Yes! Genius! (sigh) But, he does say genitals, and that's a fun word...

DJ Assault - Ass & Titties

Master P - Them Jeans

Bret Michaels - Go That Far
I'm sure Rock of Love is an interesting show, but, man, I don't want to see Bret Michaels ducking and dodging STDs from girls he'd be able to have sex with anyway. At any of the bars he plays at anymore there's bound to be one in the crowd willing to be a notch on his bedpost, assuming, of course, there's wood left on that bedpost to notch. He must have pitched the show to Vh1 as, "Okay, I know you got that Flava Flav show, but, I'm Bret Michaels. I also like to have sex with trampy girls. So, Vh1, I think you should, you know, line up a houseful for me to have sex with. How about it?" And this song here is right crappy.

Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass
This was pretty good in About a Boy, but that's about it.

viva el mustache

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Philly Baby said...

Ick. I can't even think of any witty things to say. Just ick. Oh well, good to know that romance is still alive in the world of pop music.