March 1, 2009

Bryan Vs. Asian Beverages: Part One, Grass Jelly

let the great experiment begin!

pours fine, dark like guiness, but no fizz at all. bubbly as tap water really, and river water nasty looking.

and there's the grass jelly! it plopped out slowly into the glass as i poured it. but not all of the jelly would plop out of the can and stayed wedged in there. i pulled out what i could with a knife.

he drinks!

he recoils!

i mean, honestly, what was i expecting from something called grass jelly?


Not It said...

Sorry you won't be able to hack it as an Asian. It's all about the drinks, you know.

Bryan said...

I thought so. At first I thought it was about the ancient culture or eating strange spiny fish, but yeah, it's the Fear-Factor drinks.

Steve G said...

Anytime you have to fish part of your beverage out of the can with a knife is a bad sign.