March 2, 2009

Bryan Vs. Asian Beverages: Part Two, White Gourd

part one was a complete failure. never drink grass jelly, let my experience be a lesson to you all. i'm sure you needed me telling you this as grass jelly sure does sound appetizing. now, never deterred i try asian beverage number two, white gourd juice.

the smell is disheartening...

(jesus i've lost a lot of hair...lawd have mercy)

but smell alone cannot judge a beverage and once poured it looks a lot like flat beer, so maybe it won't be all bad.

he drinks!


i don't know if this drink is chinese, japanese or korean, so to cover my bases:

chinese: 这是一些令人厌恶的粪
japanese: これは実にいやなたわごとである
korean: 이것은 약간 싫은 배설물이다

of course that's probably too literal of a translation or wrong since i don't know how babelfish does it, but suffice to say that is some disgusting shit. it was so vile, so disgusting, it kept me from working out because it soured my stomach so bad. hours later, i could still smell it on my hands and taste echoes on my tongue (which was like burnt brown sugar and honey stirred into a gallon of water).

final verdict:

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