March 2, 2009

Taxes Done



This is the 666th post of BOMMs tenure on this sqaure of the interwebs, so it's nice to be talking about income taxes for hopefully the last time.

With enough careful reading of rules, and working everything out carefully, triple checking the math, I will be getting money back from Wisconsin and the Federal government (thank you Lifelong Learner credit). And while I get money back from Minnesota for property tax, I owe them for income tax, but it's still a positive number coming back to me. Now just to sign it all and mail it off. Thank the lord.

Bitch of it is the property tax always comes back slow so while it eventually all works out, it'll take a few extra months.

I'm having a good weight day today as well...I'm having one of those top-of-the-world-ma kind of days.

And I think I finally see a way out from under the Appleknocker albatross around my creative neck. At least I've finally hit on enough ways to streamline it, get the first chapter into publishable shape, and then start in on the rest of it, move on to old stories get them in shape too and start sending things out. Feeling like a world conquerer right now. I'm a hun, I'm a Roman, I'm a Macedonian. I'm a crusader.

Now if only I could get a better job...

viva el mustache

And here's some 666-abration music

Deicide - Homage to Satan
I sing this one in the shower. I would play it acoustically, but I can't seem to find a way to fingerpick it.

Slayer - South of Heaven

666 - Dance with the Devil

White Zombie - I'm Your Boogie Man

Grateful Dead - Friend of the Devil (live in 78)


DeWolf said...

Greatest music post ever.

Jorge said...

That song by 666...that is the pussiest Satan music I've ever heard. Seriously. They expect that to put me in a mood to worship Satan? Fail.

On the other hand, I like the name, "Deicide."

Philly Baby said...

What you need to do is seek out Jared Mason for the best in death-metal. He'd school you good.

Congrats on the creative burst. God knows I envy your optomism.

Bryan said...

My knowledge of death metal is pretty pathetic, so I'm glad I stumbled across Deicide. Come to think of it, I know more about bad 80s pop music than death metal, does that make me less of a man? I know it certainly increases the likelihood of me buying snap bracelets or leg warmers.

Anyway, yeah, I should have asked Jared about them Is Mastodon that kind of metal? I imagine those Satyricon boys got a foot in the occult.

Oh, and Jorge, yes that 666 song is pathetic. One of my friends really loved it because it was least I think he liked it because it was ridiculous. But, you gotta love the image of a bunch of death-metal types crammed into a dance club trying to grind it out through all those black clothes and trench coats.

Big Perm said...

Congrats on money and weight and creative achievements! This is a good day for you :)

Diana said...

I think it's creepy, scary music.

Except for the GD.