March 15, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


Just inching my way closer and closer to 500 songs of BMS...

Krokus - Screaming in the Night

Krokus - Screaming in the Night (unplugged)
Hm. I wonder what mall that was filmed in?

The Smiths - The Boy with a Thorn in His Side
Look, I've tried liking the Smiths. I have, believe me. But, goddamn, to hell with that weirdo voice of Morrissey. I can't hack it. I'm done trying. I like a few of their songs, How Soon is Now, Panic, and Girlfriend in a Coma. But, whew...not this.

Joy Division - She's Lost Control
Maybe I have to turn in my indie cred card now, but ha!, I never deserved it in the first place. Fuck it, take it. I don't care. I don't like Joy Division. I don't give a shit.

Gwen Stefani - Rich Girl
I have to label this bad music, or one day I might like this. Seriously, since making Diana's cds, all I want to do is listen to The Tings Tings. Seriously, I've kind of wanted to make an addendum cd, maybe just for me, of more modern danceable songs like Girl Talk that's just a complete rebuuke of everything I like, but I can't help it. It's like that little club rat/electronica fan in me just wants to dance for some reason. Anyway, Gwen here, she samples Fiddler on the Roof, so that's gotta be a no-no, right? On an unrelated note, when did Gwen Stefani get breasts, as seen in the video below and the music video linked here that I cannot embed. She was always the sexy beanpole when she was out pogoing around with No Doubt. Those kids with her husband (see below bms video) or are they fake or some kind of music video chicanery? Being a boy reared in the 90s shouldn't there have been some email forwards informing us all that Gwen grew boobs? I don't like finding out this via a search for bms entries.

Gavin Rossdale - Adrenaline
Oh, god, I sort of fell asleep there for a while. Oh, hey, at least he makes for a nice looking husband.

Fine Young Cannibals - Suspicious Minds
In Barry Hannah's book "Hey Jack!" there is a reference to The Fine Young Cannibals. In fact, I think it's this very cover that gets mentioned. Hm.

viva el mustache

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