March 15, 2009

UW Job Announcement (For You)


I found the ideal job for me today, if I just had a little more of a lot of things. Aside from having teaching experience and a Master's degree, I don't have much of anything else to offer this job...oh, my charm, wit and go-getter attitude but those are intangibles, not hard vitae material.

However, I know some of you out there you read this blog have plenty more experience with these everythings than I do, or could pass it along to someone else who fits this bill and is looking for a job. So take a swing, it looks like a good one, plus you'd be working with Lorrie Moore and you'd be living in wonderful Madison, Wisconsin, which sounds pretty sweet to me, unless of course Lorrie Moore turns out to be a caustic bitch and you've got some issues with lactose.

So, click the link, find out if it looks like something you could do and do well.

Teacher & Program Coordinator in Writing, Continuing Education in Writing

viva el mustache


Luke said...

That's a weird looking job, man. It has a whole bunch of requirements -- I can't imagine a person having all those qualifications.

Diana said...

I wonder if there's an internal candidate...