April 23, 2009

Amalgamation & Capital


I'm working on this essay. Figured it's high time I cash in on the stories I like to tell and some that maybe I don't, but will.

Anyway, I've got a draft of the Cole story. And, yeah, it's got a bucket full of problems, all solvable, and I just gotta do it.

Here's the issue...for simplicity's sake to tell the story, I need a composite character. It's mostly background, so folding together two people into one isn't breaking new essay/memoir ground, but still. I feel kind of funny about it.

What about you? How do you feel about composites characters? And for those who have used them...do you feel guilty?

viva el mustache


Flynn said...

Ankiel's porn stache is conspicuously absent from BOMM.

Bryan said...

I know it. I heard that he grew one, but didn't see a good picture of it. I was waiting to see it on the Post Dispatch website.

Thanks for the link Tom.

And have you seen Youklis' mustache? Quite the molestache.