April 19, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


Getting closer and closer to 500 BMS songs. What will get the honor? There's still a lot of BMS out there. Any songs you're surprised that haven't made the list yet? And, what about the question posed in the Celine Dion post below? Anyway, on with the show...

Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back to Me Now
This is a destructible song. That brings up another question...which song cannot be saved? I present 7 Nation Army as a potential indestructible song. I've heard that Downtown Train by Tom Waits is also indestructible. So, what song has been covered loads of times but suck each and every time? What do you got? (See later in this BMS for Meat Loaf's version). By the way...this is a fan vid...celine dion is turd sandwich par excellence about these things. Also, this marks the very first Celine Dion song to be inducted into BMS. How did that happen?

Hall & Oates - Kiss On My List (Live!)

Meat Loaf - I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) (Live!)
Really Loaf? Sell you're greatest song out for an AT&T commercial? This isn't the 12 minute version on the album and, you guessed it, he's a turd sandwich about embedding videos. So, here's a live version. You'll have to make do.

New Found Glory - It Ain't Me Babe
C'mon! Really? Pop-punk bands, hands off Bob Dylan, please. Please. You don't see him singing your songs, now do you? Return the goddamn favor.

Story of the Year - Until the Day I Die
Remember this one? You don't? Well. How about that. They're from St. Louis by the by. And another fan vid.

Thursday - At This Velocity
There is precisely one Thursday song I enjoy. It's called Understanding in a Car Crash. And I haven't heard that song in quite a while because iTunes has not decided to randomly make me listen to it. So, who knows if I do actually still like that Thursday song. I know that everything else they do though is pretty goddamn awful though.

Meat Loaf - It's All Coming Back to Me Now
Mr. Loaf taking a pounding in this BMS version. Not entirely fair at all, I assure you, but I'm staying away from the sacrament which is Bats Out of Hell. I suppose I should say Bats Out of Hell 1 since the rest of his albums are just sequels apparently. Anyway, here is Mr. Loaf dressed up just like Mario Batali singing about a girl who is at least half his age, probably more. I'm not comfortable with the idea of Meat Loaf having his way with some nubile set of pipes like the girl in the video. But it should give all weird looking guys hope like George Costanza on Seinfeld. I mean, if George could get women like that? I mean, George???!? Well, then...

Air Supply - Every Woman in the World
I saw this Air Supply guy on an informercial for love songs yesterday. Oh, how the mighty have gotten exactly what they deserve.

Soulja Boy Tell'Em (feat. Sammie) - Kiss Me Through the Phone
This was played at Dutler's when I was in Mankato, but Jorge missed it. Oh, boy what a shitty damn song this is. And another fan vid, and a strange one, too. What the hell is this footage of?

viva el mustache

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