April 17, 2009

On My Mind... (Spoiler Alert)


1) With the trip to Mankato, I'm pretty sure I gained about 5 pounds. See, Diana, I'm not impervious to this stuff. That seems pretty remarkable to me because 3,500 calories equals one pound. That means I consumed 17,500 more calories than I put out in those three days. Now, I did have a couple big breakfasts, drank mightily one night, and had a portion or three of Super Fries and a whole mess of somebody's jelly beans...but for fucks sake? Really? Between the bored eating of the road and the Mankato consumption did I really do that? How is that possible? Maybe it's just some weight fluctuation happening, however that happens (do guys retain water?), but it's frustrating to see and feel...particularly after hearing a few "You look good!" comments from peoples around Mankato because, dammit, no I don't, can't you see? Anyway, thank god I don't have to get into a prom dress or a wedding gown soon...but I better hustle up if I'm gonna get into bikini shape, cuz the season is upon us.

2) I've been watching some Battlestar Gallactica lately because I keep hearing that it's a good show and one of the three people I get to talk to at my job is a Battlestar crazy, so it's my little feint toward getting a friend/socialization. And you know, this show, it's not very good. It's average TV at best. Better than your carbon copy sitcoms, but it's no How I Met Your Mother. I mean, every episode on that show they have another moment of peril and another batch of red-shirt crewmen die. Whoopeedeedoo. At this point in TVs storytelling evolution, you can't keep feeding weekly peril because we know everything will be ok, and if a few red shirts die, so what, red shirts die all the time, that's the point. It's the long form of television that's great, shows like The Wire or The Sopranos where you aren't wondering every week, "Ooooh, will Jimmy McNulty die at the hands of the nefarious drug dealers?!" No, he won't. You know he won't either, so they show writers have the sense of never making that a dramatic moment of the story. That's not to say you can't have weekly peril that works because Lost somehow suckers me in all the time, and that's probably directly related to the idea that they aren't just killing off red shirts and expecting me to give a shit like in Battlestar. Like when Boone died in season one, that's an expectation changer. That's a guy who was pegged for regular cast-dom and he bites it, early, well then anyone could die. Admittedly, Lost has gotten away from that because they haven't killed anyone of note in some time, but that's okay too because the shows central dramas aren't all about "will they survive" it's more about "what the fuck's going on." When Lost killed Take-A-Shit-Guy and Who-the-Fuck-Is-That, that was there Battlestar moment in trying to get us to care about peripheral idiots. In short, you want me tense weekly, you have to make me honestly think stuff won't work out okay at the end, otherwise...the tension won't exist.

3) Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals tore an oblique muscle. Therefore I will be sad once every 5 days for the next 4 to 8 weeks.

4) In studying for these GRE tests and trying to prep myself for the doctoral submissions, I've come to realize that I work too slowly. I need to get bionic. Faster, better, stronger. Or I need to multitask somehow. Searching for jobs, staying a little social (blogs, emails, facebook), studying, working, writing and test prep all doesn't fit neatly into 24 day packets. I need to get back on schedule or maybe ask Catherine for advice on how she manages to squeeze 48 hours worth of stuff into a 24 hour day...though I have feeling she doesn't watch much Battlestar or movies but dammit, I love stories and I just can't get enough of them. Books, movies, blog posts, anything...I'm a narrative junkie...a denouement fiend...a plothead.

5) I've broken three pairs of shoelaces on the shoes that I'm wearing. Either my Hulkian strength is busting them like so many of Bruce Banner's nice shirts, or my shoes have serrated eyelets. Either way, I'm getting pretty sick of it.

6) In my last post, I think that guy may have played Detective Holley and not Worden. I'm not sure. However, if any of you who have watched The Wire go back and read David Simon's book Homicide, you'll be amazed how much from the book finds its way into the show.

viva el mustache


Jorge said...

1. I meant to tell you: you looked like you lost weight. And don't worry about the gain from Mankato. Just think of it as a little Mankato you can take with you.

2. I don't watch ether of these shows. I can't get into regular run shows. Shows with weekly times and current seasons. My schedule is too screwed up and ever-changing to be able to commit to a show like that. But, I think that's good. Lost would suck me in, I'm sure, if I had the time to watch it.

3. I'll be happy every five days for the next two weeks at least.

4. I am very satisfied with the word plothead. It sounds like a reference to a poet who likes plot because, stereotypically, we're not supposed to like plot and 'narrative' in the prose sense. But I do. I'm a plot head.

5. What was that movie about the vagina with teeth? That's what this reminds me of. Like your eyelets are little vaginae with teeth and they're eating your show laces.

6. I haven't read your last post yet.

Luke said...

It would be hard to actually gain five REAL pounds in a weekend. It probably has to do with what time of day you weigh yourself and all that stuff. Try it in the morning, right when you wake up. Weight is kind of a fluid thing. I usually weigh like 4 or 5 pounds lighter in the morning than I will at the end of the day after a big meal.

It probably IS a water thing. My guess would be that one skipped meal in exchange for a cranberry juice, or one real good sweat would put you right back where you were.

That's all you need boy. One real good sweat.

DeWolf said...

Supposedly, a big-name character will die this season on Lost. I liked the show better (season 1 & 2) when it wasn't hinging on the premise. Remember when it was about the characters?