April 26, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


Don't have much time to post this one today, so here's a short BMS. Next week, maybe I'll have more time and do a real number on it.

Ween - Push th' Little Daisies
Yeah, there's that great Beavis and Butthead moment...but after that, well, then you're still left with this song.

King Missile - Martin Scorsese

Crazy Frog - Crazy Frog is in the House
This is the follow up to the Crazy Frog original hit song. The one where they muck with the 48 Hours theme. This one they take the, what is that, the Knight Rider theme?, and make some noise with that one instead.

Blondie - Heart of Glass
Yeah, I don't like Blondie, really don't like this song, and I don't get the love for Deborah Harry. That's all.

viva el mustache


DeWolf said...

I saw Ween live, and it was pretty amazing. Probably because they didn't play that song.

Diana said...

I am going to kick your ass for what you said about Deborah Harry.

Bryan said...

Bring it.

Jorge said...

Yeah...I'm on Diana's side for this one.