April 12, 2009

From, During, Toward


Here's a cluster of photos taken on this recent Mankato trip. It starts with pictures taken today, on our way to Madison then ends with pictures of stuff on the way there. Enjoy!

viva el mustache


Bronson said...

A couple points of order:

1. Emily looks lovely, as always.
2. Holy Jorge-perm!
3. What's is on your noses?!?
4. Clisbee cut his hair, or is that some newbie MFAer?!?!

Anonymous said...

It was awesome to have you here. Thanks for the sandals. I'll treasure them always.

Jorge said...

I think I'm going to use that picture as my Andreas picture. I think Rick would appreciate that.

And yeah, Bronson, Clisbee cut the squirrel off.

GMACD said...

Big Sky, Blue Sky Country.