April 2, 2009

One of those days... (updated)


You ever have a day where you woke up in a bit of a daze. Muddy thoughts, can't really concentrate, like you're just barely drunk but without the good feelings, just the "I can't quite focus on anything around me right now" kind of thing? Going through that right now and I can't shake it. Breakfast, nothing. Coffee, nothing. Tried working out, couldn't do it. Shower, nothing. So I'm full, wet and wired but without a clear thought in my head. I'm afraid to look this up on Web MD because I know it'll just say I have some kind of flesh-eating Alzheimer's tumor brought on by acute amputate-your-foot style diabetes. Guh. This fog needs to lift, I have a GRE to study for and jobs to apply to...and I gotta watch Lost and this kind of humidity-filled head is the wrong kind of mindset to tackle an episode. Maybe more coffee. I'm going to cook my lunch for the week, too. Maybe that'll help somehow.

updated...the cure for this seems to be two cups of coffee, a brownie, and a portion of freshly made fried rice. hallelujah.

viva el mustache


Big Perm said...

Yum, fried rice.

I LOVE that your to-do list includes needing to watch Lost.

Bryan said...

Without Lost, I Thursday mornings wouldn't be the same. I know it's on Wednesday's, but I've been regulated to online viewing for a long time now. But I love it.

I can't believe they saved young Ben! Argh!