April 5, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


You could see that I started out with a theme on this one, but then lost steam because I couldn't think of celebrities with albums. But then I regained it with that Shaquille O'Neal rapping...but then I got sidetracked with thinking that you never hear about hockey players with bands, or golfers...then I got to thinking about that Joan Baez cover of The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down and how it was a big hit, apparently, though I just can't hear it...you could say this is a desultory mix of BMS, though I was trying for a theme this time...oh well. Can't win them all.

Corey Feldman - Honesty
I knew Corey Feldman made some music!

Bruce Willis - I Don't Wanna Be in Love

Anvil - School Love
This isn't fair of me. I really, really want to see the documentary about this band called Anvil!:The Story of Anvil. The movie looks like a cross between This is Spinal Tap, Darkon and King of Kong. But, the song still stinks.

Air Supply - Lost in Love

Neil Diamond - America
Or is the title of this Coming to America. Now, let me tell you a Neil Diamond anecdote you may know relating to The Last Waltz. When Neil came off stage after doing his song, he said to Bob Dylan, "You'll have to be pretty good to follow me" to which Dylan said, "What do I have to do? Go on stage and fall asleep?"

Fu-Schnickens featuring Shaquille O'Neal - What's Up Doc?

Lords of Acid - Crablouse
Maybe this song isn't that bad because of it's content.

Gravity Kills - Falling
Here's on to you StL people out there. It's the single from the Gravity Kills followup album. Oh, they made one beyond this one, too.

viva el mustache

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