April 5, 2009

Weight Fail



Looking at the weight loss tracking information there on the sidebar, you'll see I came up 1.8 pounds short for this months goal. Oh, I got my reasons. I lost a full week to some knee pain. And then fearing further injury and the inability to pay for it, I took it easy for a little bit. Then I got sick and lost a couple days to that. Plus there was beer involved. No real drunkeness, but still more than what I should do. Same with sweet/delicious foods. Overall, not a good month for this thing at all. And, this month doesn't look too promising either. There has been a pan of brownies that recently disappeared and ice cream in the freezer.

Excuses and bad choices. Excuses and bad choices. That's all I got as stumbling blocks with this weight loss. Well, the bad knee is legit, but I could have powered through the cold. The ice cream, brownies, late-night popcorn, beer and that constant bad food choices I've been making, well, I can control them. I still haven't quite rewired my head enough to get that positive emotional response from other things that stuff like beer, late-night popcorn, ice cream and brownies provide...but I'm getting better. I'm able to look at them with a much more negative light, kind of like a cost analysis. Like, is the the fleeting joy of beer worth the caloric guilt later, and being able to understand and act on that relationship helps.

Anyway, ok, here we go. Another month, five more pounds. Five more pounds. Hell, maybe I'll shoot the moon, lose about 7 and get everything right in the world. Speaking of...gotta get to it today.

viva el mustache

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Big Perm said...

But you lost three pounds--congrats for that!!