May 24, 2009



There's a job open nearby that I want. Well, let's call it the job. But, here's the rub, it would be a 3 hour round trip commute (90 minutes there and 90 minutes back). It's a helluva course load too, by the sound of the ad I found, but it's the commute...the three hour, Godfather Part II in length commute...that bothers me.

But, I know that long commutes are sort of the norm for college teachers. I've heard some wacky commuting stories, or even renting a second apartment to cut down on commuting.

My question is, am I being a baby worrying about 3 hours round trip? Is that an acceptable distance?

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Flynn said...

I didn't mind 90 mins. each way the past 2 semesters, but I usually only did it twice/week (and rarely on consecutive days). The nice thing about it is time to listen to podcasts and music, or just think, for long stretches without interruption.

Nathan Melcher said...

My commute to Mankato from Hopkins was three hours round-trip. Listened to a lot of audio books. One semester, it was three days a week, one semester it was one day a week, and the other four semesters saw me commuting two days a week. Yeah, it gets monotonous, but it's doable.

I believe Surdo currently drives about this far for his teaching job. You might ask him about it.

Luke said...

Yeah, I'm doing about a 70 minute commute 4 days a week, and that seems like a lot to me. However, if it were 3 days a week (which is what I am going to drop down to) I think it will be better. You need a decent ride though, which costs more money, too.

GMACD said...

I used to commute to LakeLand in Mattoon IL for an hour each way and I didn't get paid for it. I just wanted the education.