May 2, 2009

Matt Woolsey Is An Idiot & Rivalries


Read this. Look at these. Idiot.

For those not in the mood for links, the story is from Forbes Magazine, written by the titularly dissed Matt Woolsey, about the most intense rivalries in baseball.

Sounds like a fun article. One that's certainly meant to stir the pot because everyone knows that the Red Sox-Yankees is the most intense rivalry in baseball today, so you know the article won't list them at number one to sort of jolt the audience a little.

However, he lists the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry as the 6th most intense rivalry. Sixth! Idiot! Maybe that was just another way to prod the audience because Cardinal fans tend to get bristly about getting dissed like this...kind of like a short man's complex. But, anyway,...Idiot!!

There is absolutely no way in hell that the Cards-Cubs is anything lower than third (behind the Sox-Yanks and my judgement though, Cards-Cubs is #2) in a list of rivalries, and personally, they would be top three in all of professional sports for that matter (but that's probably because I don't care about any other sport). I guess my problem comes from calling the rivalry "intense" and then dissing fan involvement into the equation for figuring "intense." Aren't the fans the ones who tell the tension of the rivalries intensity? Seems strange to go empirical on that since rivalries are less about SABRmetrics and more about gloating over Brock for Broglio or Ryno's two homeruns off Bruce Sutter in 1984.

Then, I got to thinking, I don't have a rival. Not that I particularly want one in my current state of affairs, but a literary rival, that would be kind of fun. Like the Colson Whitehead vs. Richard Ford thing, where Whitehead took a shit on Ford's "Multitude of Sins" book. But we don't get to choose our rivals they sort of develop through some animosity or snarky review or whathaveyou. But, say you could choose your personal literary villain...who would you pick?

viva el mustache


Ande said...

#1 Dodgers-Giants
#2 Cubs-Cards
#3 Yanks-Sox
#4 Hawk-Mariotti

DeWolf said...

Typical Cardinals fan response.

Flynn said...

Cubs-Cards is not an intense rivalry. It's a rivalry, sure, but it's not intense. Cards fans are too nice, (most) Cubs fans don't care about the outcome of games as long as the beer is cold, and I don't remember ever seeing brawls between the two teams.

DeWolf said...

I can't trust the word of a Sox fan. (Most) Sox fans are bitter and care more about whether the Cubs lost rather than whether the Sox won.

I started a brawl between Cards and Cubs fans at Lewis Park in Carbondale. Almost got my head ripped off (deservedly so).