June 12, 2009

About that Issue of Boys and Food


There was that post I did a while ago as an extension of a discussion with Diana, Danielle, Mr. Danielle and Da Cliz (as he likes to be called now, straight gangsta) about how it would be odd for one man to give another man food if one man was in clear need or want of food. It was thought that this does not include married men, but yes, it does.

When Clint was up here, he woke up the day after the boot of beer, that's a 2 liter boot by the way, he woke up on the bad side of normal. Puking, you see. Might have been the chicken fried steak from Denny's, too, but anyway, he woke up all messed up. He was feeling bad I thought, man, he should eat. I even said, "Clint you should eat. Get some dry Cheerios in you at least." He said, yeah. And there it sat. Him hungry and puked out. Me, checking my email. He flew back to St. Louis without a dry cheerio in him. Could I have gotten him a bowl? Should I have? Oh, sure. But, I didn't.

Here's another note about gifts to male friends. The other day, a person at the local mystery book shop gave me this advance copy of a sci-fi book that she will never sell and I will never read. But I know a guy who might like it. So I took the book to give to the guy. When I gave him the book, I made it absolutely clear that I got it for free. I said, "Here you go, I got this for free." The guy confirmed that it was free, "Free?" he said, confirmingly. And I said, yes, of course, it's free. Enjoy and if it sucks, eh, do something with it, read it, don't read, I don't care, it's just a thing. I guess it was okay for me to give him that book because it was just some free piece of crap that I just happened to have around...and I had to let him know.

How interesting.

viva el mustache

ps...happy birthday, andrew.

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