June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, John Linnell!


The nerd-star accordion master and keyboard player of They Might be Giants turns 50 today. Have a good one, Mr. Linnell.

Here's some videos...

Here's one video of John Linnell solo work on his State Songs CD...


And now to the TMBG...

Lucky Ball and Chain (Live!)

Older (live!)
I would have put this other TMBG song on here that I think is called "I hope that I get old before I die" but I can't seem to find a YouTube of it. I know there are other avenues out there, I just don't wanna bother.

Til My Head Falls Off (live!)

Never Go to Work

Pirate Girls Nine

viva tmbg! viva john linnell!


Emily said...

Woo! Happy Birthday John L.!

GMACD said...

How about your brother in laws birthday ? It's today also