June 14, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


Here's a shorter BMS this week, little ones. I woke up from this strange dream involving this one guy throwing kitchen knives at me, and I was telling this guy to knock it off, I don't like it, but he kept doing it. So I grabbed a knife he had thrown, charged him, knocked him down and cut his neck, just a little, but deep and I was saying I was sorry the whole time, I think it was, "Why are you making me do this?", and he apologized for throwing knives, I got up, and everything was okay after that. Then I woke up with a really sore throat, which seems to be the only cold I get. I never feel achy or terribly nauseated it seems, always sore throat, like I'm a singer with delicate pipes.

Anyway, anecdote time over, here's some BMS...

The Fixx - Saved by Zero (Live! in 2008)

Carmen Electra - Fantasia Erotica
I didn't know Ms. Electra released an album, but I found a copy of it in the 1.00 bin at a used record/movie/game store here in Madison. What's shameful is that there was only one copy. You think if you bought this CD, listened to it and not just ogled over the liner notes, you would sell it back. Then again, maybe the store wouldn't buy that many back.

Pussycat Dolls - Buttons (Live!)
I was sure that this is was gonna suck. But then I got to listening to it and was thinking, this isn't that bad. Then Emily gave me this look like, "Really, dude? This is awful." So sheepishly I present you this song because shes' right, this isn't good, but, man...

Panic at the Disco - Nine in the Afternoon
I hate this guy's voice.

Neil Young - This Note's for You (Live!)
Neil seems to have yanked most of this music videos from YouTube because, well, I don't know why since according to this song he seems to be just about the music, so here's a live version.

Neil Young - Transformer Man

She Wants Revenge - Kidnap the Sandy Claws
This one, and the next video are covers of a song that's in Nightmare Before Christmas. This one sucks, as does the next. To find more bad Nightmare Before Christmas covers, I suggest you search "Nightmare Revisited" on YouTube or whathaveyou to find more.

Korn - Kidnap the Sandy Claws

Flyleaf - What's This?
Oh, here's one more from Nightmare Revisited...

viva el mustache

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