June 15, 2009

350,000 Calories Burned, At Least


On May 17, 2006, after some math and after working out, I weighed, approximately 348.4 pounds.

Today, June 15, 2009, after working out, meaning it's not entirely accurate, here's what I weighed:

About time.

viva me


Emily said...

Viva! Viva Bryan!

Diana said...

Congratulations!! xoxo

Philly Baby said...

Damn! Way to go. Pretty soon I'll have to retire "Big" and start calling you Svelte-Sexy.

Big Perm said...

Wow! Great job :)

DeWolf said...

Nice work, Brian!

Luke said...

Good things.

word verification = worth

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! You have just lost a supermodel and no longer are carrying an extra person.

On a side note, you are also within 12 lbs of me.

The Drewid