June 18, 2009



Today is our fourth anniversary. For me and Emily that is. Because I'm sure you needed that clarified.

Anyway, fourth anniversary is, apparently, the time to give electrical appliances
Or fruit
or flowers

or, if you can believe it...books...
All are nice, sure, but is there really a gift or any kind of thing that really says, "Emily, I love you now more than four years ago. And tomorrow, I'll love you one just a smidge more and I'll want to hold your hand a little longer, make you smile a little bit more and give you just one more kiss before bed. You're my absolute best friend. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Well, maybe the mixer says that.

viva mo!


Emily said...

Aww, sweetie. I love ya. Happy Anniversary!

Big Perm said...

Just saying it (over and over, being sure to remind her always) is the gift. Congrats to you both!

Jorge said...

happy belated, dudes.

Flynn said...

Congratulations to the Johnsons from the Flynns.