June 28, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


Here's a little BMS in your eyes and ears.

Europe - The Final Countdown (Live & Acoustic!)
This is live and (mostly) acoustic and filmed in 2008. Who knew Europe still had this kind of drawing power? I figured they were down to playing venues smaller than Mankato's Ribfest. Though, I know Ribfest did get The Guess Who to play there, so maybe I shouldn't make fun. Wait...it's Ribfest in Mankato, right? They have like a rib thing there?

Foreigner - Waiting for a Girl Like You (Live!)
This is pretty boring to me. Though I understand some people might like it, or appropriate for one of Jorge's Mankato Heartbreak Club songs.

311 - Amber
Over on Dan's blog he posted that video by a band called Anal Cunt who has a song called "311 Sucks." While I currently agree with that band's assessment, I have great concerns about putting those sentiments to song. Why? Well, you could wind up like Lynyrd Skynyrd. You know how they have that song "Sweet Home Alabama" where they name check Neil Young and how they don't like Neil Young. And that also happens to be their most popular song. So that means, for as long as there is an entity known as Lynyrnd Skynyrd they will have to sing that song and talk about Neil Young about how southern men don't need him around, anyhow. Well, if you don't like Neil Young so much...I guess you kind of made a bad choice putting him in a song that you have to perform every night you ever play a concert. Oh, and I don't like this 311 song. It sucks.

Boyz II Men - End of the Road
Live. And, for some reason, sung to a group of troops in Korea. Hm.

Color Me Badd - Remember When
I'm putting this one on here because there's not a video for their song Sexual Capacity. But click that link if you want a taste of that one, too.

viva el mustache


DeWolf said...

Ronnie Van Zant and Neil Young were actually friends. I think the whole Sweet Home Alabama thing was friendly trash talk.

Bryan said...

Huh. I did not know that. Thank you, Dan.