June 28, 2009

Welcome Aboard, Mark DeRosa

I know Mark DeRosa had been playing for the Indians after the Cubs traded him away because they, well, I don't know why they traded him but I think it had something to do with Crazy Milton Bradley. But I'll think of him as a Cub.

But, doesn't matter, DeRosa's a Cardinal now. All is forgiven for your Cubbie years, Mr. DeRosa. Welcome to a winning franchise. And while I don't like what the Cards had to give up to get DeRosa, if they're going to trade young players, might as well be one that The Lord, Our God, Tony LaRussa doesn't like. I just hope the player to be named later isn't a person of particular quality from the minors.

viva el birdos


Flynn said...

DeRosa will haunt Jim Hendry and Cubs fans for many years.

Jorge said...

Yep to Tom's comment. And congratulations to you, Bryan. You've got a decent player.