July 5, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


I watched The Hangover the other day (it's all right) and you know what I just realized...I don't think I've ever seen male frontal nudity played as sexy in a mainstream film. I'm not talking about beaver pictures, but something you would see in a regular theater. Any male nudity you see is to make you laugh. At least, it seems as if that's the case because it's comedies that have male nudity cornered now. I just wonder can male nudity be shown in that same tasteful, sexy way that female nudity is shown in mainstream films, or will male nudity always be to shock, surprise and make you giggle at that whole ridiculous region of a guy's body.

Anyway, here's today's BMS...

James Blunt - Beautiful
This guy's voice makes me uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable like that Chris Isaak video did back when I was a young boy with a body changing in strange ways. But just sort of wishing he would please, please stop, like when people do that trick where they fold their eyelid up into their eye.

Evanescene - Call Me When You're Sober
This song isn't that bad (if you focus on the good looking girl singer and her nice voice, and not the generic modern rock music) it's just that I can't get behind it's apparent anti-drunk dialing message.

Seether - Gasoline
You know, I put these bad music sundays out here all the time, but you know, these are people's favorite songs ever. Seriously. Someone out there, right now, has this song on repeat on their iPod or whatever, just loving it. Can't get enough Seether and thinks Wilco is just pretentious shit especially after they got conned into buying that Yankee Foxtrot Hotel or whateverthefuck because of some stupid ex-girlfriend told him it was really good. But then she dumped him for some fucking sociology major...and what do you do with sociology exactly, jesus, fucking be social or some shit, christ!...but that guy, this dumped guy, he loves this song. And I love him for it. For me, this song? Sucks. Really, it's just space between commercials on the modern rock stations.

Mudvayne - Happy?
I really like their song Dig, though it's not exactly something you'd think I would like. But this is just terrible.

2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone
This song makes me want to blast a freeze ray out of my hands at a dude then rip that dude's head clear off his shoulders with his spinal column dangling down like a wet noodle and it makes me want to transform into a dragon and bite some dude in half and it makes me want to shoot ropes with spikes out of my wrist at dudes and then after that I pull my ninja mask off to reveal that I'm really just an undead fire breathing skeleton man and it makes me want to knock a guy off a platform and into the the 10 foot tall spikes below. You know, bad ass stuff like that.

2 Unlimited - Get Ready for This
No, no. Are YOU ready for this... Honestly, I didn't know there was a music video to this. I thought this was made specifically for teams to run out of dugouts and locker rooms. I wonder if these two get royalties from all that.

Culture Beat - Mr. Vain

Rednex - The Way I Mate
I don't want to know the way those people mate because their mutant ecstasy babies will be need to be raised in the Black Lagoon.

viva el mustache


Emily said...

The "2 Unlimited - Get Ready for This" song is also for the cheerleaders to dance to during half-time shows.

GMACD said...

I believe this song and group were around before Nirvana released Nevermind and blew these types of bands away for a few years.

Jorge said...

Evanescene was after Nirvana. And I'll say something else about Evanescene and that video: I kind of love the special effects. Like when the gothy ballerina spin-take off from the ground and when she's walking down the table. Plus I love her voice. But, like you said, the band sucks.